The Huntress & Co.

The Huntress & Co.

The Huntress & Co. is a Gippsland-based home fragrance business owned and operated by Klaire Anderson. Klaire believes that fragrance can create nostalgia associated with moments of adventure and the outdoors that can be enjoyed in your home.

The Huntress & Co. continues to be a one-woman show after starting operation in 2015, after Klaire completed her degree in Visual Arts and Design. From the graphic design to hand-poured products everything has been carefully crafted by Klaire. This brand is known for its small-batch 100% soy candles, reed diffusers and room sprays in apothecary-inspired amber glassware in unique scents; such as Hinterland, Golden Wattle and Moonshine that bring back memories of camping in the summer bushlands.

The Huntress & Co's mission isn't to change your life - just to make it smell great and brighten up your home.

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