Dellanova is small, one woman business which seeks to bring crystal infused products for every day living. Created by Danielle Simpson, she believes crystals can play a part in helping us to enhance, manage and cope with life, so making products with a purpose is at the core of what she does.  

Launched in the middle of 2020, Dellanova candles are all hand poured by Danielle. What started out in her kitchen, it now has an entire room dedicated to creating her vision. Each product is handmade and designed in Traralgon, Gippsland.

Dellanova crystal candles are made with a soy coconut wax and a wooden wick candle which creates a gorgeous crackling sound as it burns. Each candle is designed with a crystal and meaning in mind. Crystals are a passion of Danielle's, and sharing them with people in a way which is accessible to everyone is something Danielle is excited about. Crystals are gorgeous natural creations that Dellanova products love to showcase!

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