About Us

Since launching the first edition of our newspaper in late 2016, Gippslandia has proudly supported the wonderful creatives, makers, growers and producers of the region.

Each issue, we kept hearing of more artists, authors and even apiarists that are creating stunning goods. While we could share their story in the paper, we hoped to create a project that showcased their wares on a continual basis - the idea of The Shop was hatched.

Over the Christmas period in 2019, Gippslandia had the opportunity to run a pop-up retail store and gallery space in Traralgon. The store’s success, and the lovely relationships that were formed with the local makers involved, only motivated us further.

The Shop provides Gippslandia with a platform to highlight the amazing products created in the region, and produce grown in our rich soils. It demonstrates our commitment to seeking, promoting and nurturing ingenuity, creativity and craftsmanship in Gippsland. Your purchases allow local creatives to pursue their passion, continue with the refinement of their artistic practice or make the best freakin' candles you've ever smelt.

By supporting The Shop, you receive a little slice of Gippslandia community, which helps us fulfill one of our core goals:

"To leave you feeling like a Gippslandia local, no matter where you’re from."


Welcome to The Shop
Gippslandia's online marketplace.