Flluskë earrings are uniquely beautiful, handmade pieces each holding a deeper meaning. These playful and colourful designs inspire women to start, or continue, an important conversation about hearing loss.

Founder Courtney Baker is an earring designer, hearing loss advocate and public speaker.

As a woman with a moderate to severe hearing loss, Courtney is passionate about challenging and reshaping the way others think about hearing loss and deafness. Flluskë is a driver to break stigmas, shift negative attitudes and promote change in the community.

Courtney shares her story so she can help others find the courage to change their own life path, even when they are thrown challenge after challenge. Flluskë earrings have been lovingly created to make women feel more confident and beautiful by tapping into the power of vibrant colour and design.

“When you buy and wear ​Flluskë earrings, share the ​Flluskë story with your family and friends, and start a conversation around loving your ears to become a hearing loss advocate!”

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