Business Subscription - The Business Venue


Business Subscription - The Business Venue

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The Business Venue subscription is really ‘the business’ for any proud Gippslandian supporter, and as you’ve shown an increased commitment for our community newspaper, we wish to assist you too. After all, Gippslandia is about supporting those that support ou. 

We’ll add you to our list of more prominent Gippslandia distributors both in print and online, making your brand more visible by linking back to your website and socials, too. Gippslandia’s social media accounts will assist in promoting you; we can re-post instances/photos of you receiving/highlighting Gippslandia online and also plug a special event you may have on our pages. 

As the saying goes, ‘a rising tide lifts all boats’ — by supporting Gippslandia we can keep publishing the remarkable tales of our area, and help you grow your brand.

What you'll get: 

  • Copies of each issue delivered to your business;

  • Listed online (if you choose) a distributor; 

  • Listed in our publication as a distributor;

  • Links to your website or socials on our website distributors page;

  • Shout-out on social media when you receive Gippslandia;

  • Shout-out on social media if you’ve got an event (conditions apply);

  • A Gippslandia Supporter sticker pack. 

*Note: All prices represent an annual price for the subscription. Therefore 25x copies per quarter will be 100x copies for the year + inclusions.