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Weight Tea

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Weight tea is a great accompaniment to a healthy diet and lifestyle. The herb cleavers is a natural diuretic that works on the lymphatic system, and cal also help with water retention and oedema. Spearmint gives this blend a delicious minty flavour, but the leaves also support digestion as well. The olive leaf and green tea are high in antioxidants which stimulates a healthy metabolism. 

  • Great value with 100 cups per 50 gm packet
  • Sourced from high-quality, organic and wildcrafted ingredients from Australia and around the world
  • Loose-leaf tea allows potency for maximum therapeutic benefits and flavour
  • No preservatives, colourings, flavourings or sweeteners


Drinking — Steep one teaspoon between 5-10 minutes and then enjoy. Otherwise, allow to cool and consume cold. 

Cooking — Herbs adds flavour and has a therapeutic benefit to your food. Lightly fry a tablespoon of herbs in a little oil then continue with your recipe. 




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