The Huntress & Co.

Reed Diffuser

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The Huntress & Co. signature line of earthy nostalgic fragrances are available in a 200ml amber bottle diffusers with rattan reeds. These oils will keep your home smelling lovely all day and will last 4-6 months.

Reed Diffusers come with 200ml bottle, 7 rattan reeds, info sheet and a hand screenprinted kraft box.

Reed Diffuser Care:

Keep out of direct sunlight and heat. You should also place them out of reach from children and pets. if liquid touches skin and irritation happens or spills occurs please wipe them up immediately or discolouring may happens on fabrics or surfaces. 

Scents Available:


This scent is when the afternoon sunshine hits your garden bed.

This one is by far the most feminine scent for The Huntress & Co. withnotes of tuberose, jasmine, lily and orange blossom its like taking a 

walk through a beautiful spring garden.


This scent is hanging up your horses saddle at dusk before entering your home in the high country.

We’re calling this one our new Mandle (man candle) with top notes of cardamom this scent is smokey and complex. While being rounded out with Mahogany, Tobacco and Black Leather to create the sense of an old log cabin filled with history.


This scent is a dew covered cactus in the californian desert glistening in the morning sunrise.

This is a dreamy fragrance with a prickly name!  Cactus Flower Scent is a sweet take on fresh and floral.  Bright top notes of Argentina Lemon, Bergamot, Winter Berries, with mid notes of flowering succulent and winter violet petals. A soft base of delicate white musk and vetiver round out this fresh fragrance.



This scent is sitting around a campfire with a warm spiced rum in an enamel mug.

This lavish candle is sweet like caramel with a hint of fruity liqueur with top notes of fig, prune and raisin with woody oak and patchouli 
perfect to burn on a cold winters night.


This scent is a Sunday arvo hike in Winter.

This fragrance opens up with amber and vanilla. Spices and honey are lifted up by patchouli and woody notes such as cedar and sandalwood. Pine needle essential oil delivers an earthy moss base note. This scent is fresh and clean as it tends to lean more on the masculine.

The Huntress & Co continues to be a one-woman show since its launch in 2015. From graphic design to hand poured products, everything has been carefully crafted by Klaire Anderson. Klaire believes that scent can create nostalgic moments of adventure and the outdoors which she brings to all her fragrances.