Menopause Tea

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Menopause Tea

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The Menopause herbal blend addresses symptoms such as night sweats and hot flushes. These are caused by the hypothalamus gland responding to fluctuating levels of estrogen in the blood. Sage helps reduce the 'power surges' of unexpected hot flushes. Combined with calming Lemonbalm and Yarrow which helps regulate the circulatory system, as well as Red Clover to regulate hormones this blend is a beneficial drink when these symptoms arise.

  • Great value with 100 cups per 50 gm packet
  • Sourced from high-quality, organic and wildcrafted ingredients from Australia and around the world
  • Loose-leaf tea allows potency for maximum therapeutic benefits and flavour
  • Hand-blended in small batches for optimum quality assurance
  • No preservatives, colourings, flavourings or sweeteners


Drinking — Steep one teaspoon between 5-10 minutes and then enjoy. Otherwise, allow to cool and consume cold. 

Cooking — Herbs adds flavour and has a therapeutic benefit to your food. Lightly fry a tablespoon of herbs in a little oil then continue with your recipe. 





Red Clover