Aidan Weichard Art

Horizon Chaser

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On a trip to the Gippsland Lakes, Raymond Island is ruled by koalas nestled amongst the tall eucalyptus trees. Delicately dismounted from the trees, it was breathtaking to stop and watch the koalas find more fruitful abodes in a neighbouring gum tree — chasing the distant horizon. This artwork was created with those moments in mind.

This limited-edition print run of the original painting 'HORIZON CHASER’ is limited to only 25 prints per size, with each print numbered and hand signed by Aidan Weichard. He works closely with a Gippsland-based boutique printing studio to ensure the highest print quality. This print uses archival inks on 300gsm archival cotton rag paper, for a rich and textural look. 

Print on paper. 

Signed and numbered on the front.

Aidan Weichard's effervescent works offer an ode to our beautiful flora and fauna, as well giving you extra pep with their lush, lively colours. These pieces leave you with brightness and levity in the subject matter. It can heighten the playfulness found in a cockatoo, the power of a bull or the vibrancy of fresh gum leaves. High colour is purposeful in emphasising character, persona or emotion. 


Prints come unframed, both sizes will fit into standard frame sizes, alternatively you can arrange custom framing from any good picture framer.