Big Starter (Mid-sized set) - 3 wraps ideal for lunches, herbs, cheeses & larger food items

Little Bumble

Big Starter (Mid-sized set) - 3 wraps ideal for lunches, herbs, cheeses & larger food items

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Introducing the Little Bumble Big Starter Set. This is a great introductory set for sandwiches, cheeses up to 1 kg and large fruit/vegetables.

This pack includes our 3 middle sized wraps 

  • 1 Small (25x25cm) - Muffins, biscuits, small cheese blocks, bowls, dinner rolls, fennel, eggplant, cantaloupe, asparagus etc.
  • 1 Medium (30X30cm) - Sandwiches, large bowls, cheese blocks up to 500gm, lunch wraps,pumpkin, pineapple, turnips etc.
  • 1 Large (35x35cm) - Large bread rolls, 1kg block of cheese, pouch for beans or spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, dinner plates etc.

Can I choose my print? We select patterns RANDOMLY from our ever changing and massive collection of GORGEOUS wraps! There are way too many to begin to photograph especially because we love variety and mixing it up! Even though it's the awesome sustainable focus that is most important, we think all of our wraps are beautiful and enjoy carefully choosing fabrics that we think will be a real hit. If you have a colour or style preference we do our best to accommodate but it is dependent on current stock. To do this email your order number with your preference to Or check out our stock in our shop in Warragul or visit one of our amazing stockists to see what options are available at the time.

From humble beginnings, Gippsland girl Laura embarked her journey with Little Bumble. Inspired from the frustrations of food wastage and plastic pollution that was occurring in her own home, she began to research alternatives to plastic wrap. Disappointed with the outcome, Laura was determined to create the perfect, eco-friendly and re-usable food wrap.